P.O.S. Data

Point-of-Sale data is the lifeblood of the CPG/retail industries. ChartSearch can make either syndicated or proprietary POS data searchable to best manage your retail business. View the Demo.

Consumer Survey Data

ChartSearch eliminates the tedium of working with thousands of extensive presentations from consumer surveys. By automatically making consumer survey data searchable, ChartSearch maximizes the insight companies can extract from their survey investments. View the Demo.

Pricing Data

Analyzing mountains of historical tick-by-tick pricing data is complicated and difficult. By making tick-by-tick pricing data searchable, ChartSearch enables financial services companies to quickly mine terabytes of data for actionable insights. View the Demo.

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Enterprises that use the ChartSearch platform to make their operational and/or 3rd-party data easily accessible. Software Companies that integrate the platform’s analytical functionality into their systems for greater client value. Data Suppliers that integrate the platform’s analytical functionality into their reporting systems, providing clients with fast and easy charting software.

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