ChartSearch launches its Data Description Toolkit, designed to automate DataSearch Markup Language management.

West Orange, NJ – May 19, 2009 - ChartSearch Inc, an enterprise technology company focused on providing data search and analysis software, today announced the release of its data description toolkit. This suite of tools – offered free of charge to ChartSearch clients – enables clients to automatically make their existing data searchable through the ChartSearch platform.

"When we first came to market, authoring DSML [DataSearch Markup Language] files was hard," says Chris Modzelewski. "It would take time and IT skills to do it well. But with our new toolkit, even non-IT personnel can make their data searchable in minutes."

The data description toolkit is composed of several different tools and services as shown in this illustration:

Data Description Toolkit Diagram

ChartSearch Lexicon

The ChartSearch: Lexicon is the foundation for the toolkit. The Lexicon is a taxonomic system containing millions of related terms. It is used to automatically tag different data items in a DSML data description.

"You can think of the [ChartSearch] Lexicon as a giant thesaurus," Adrian Lapierre, head of ChartSearch's development labs said. "If you give it a word like 'unit sales', it will give back all of the related keywords, like 'units sold' or 'units'."

Even organizations that do not have corporate taxonomies can thus quickly tag their data automatically, without going through labor-intensive manual tagging. The Lexicon is a service that ChartSearch provides to its clients. Each ChartSearch client receives the right to access the ChartSearch Core Lexicon as well as their own personalized Lexicon. Thus, clients can build their own "custom" vocabularies that reflect how their co-workers refer to different pieces of data.

The Lexicon can be integrated with client systems through its web service APIs, accessed through the other components of the data description toolkit or through its own web-based application.

DSML Builder

The DSML Builder is a standalone application designed to automate the development of DSML (DataSearch Markup Language) files. It can seamlessly integrate with your existing databases and the ChartSearch Lexicon to provide a WYSIWYG interface for designing and editing DSML files.

The DSML Builder's user-interface is so simple that even non-IT personnel can quickly use it to make their data searchable. It automatically integrates with your data sources, extracting the relevant information to construct the proper DSML elements. When you apply labels to your data, the DSML Builder seamlessly integrates with the ChartSearch Lexicon to automatically tag your data with relevant keywords.

"It used to take our engineers several days to make data searchable," Chris Modzelewski said. "With the DSML Builder, it now takes our service team several minutes to do the same."

ChartSearch is currently training clients in using the DSML Builder, a tool which it provides free of charge to its customers along with the rest of its toolkit.

SPSS Importer

The SPSS Importer is a special tool used to make consumer survey instantly searchable. It can:

  1. Take an SPSS .SAV file, and;
  2. Automatically import it into a relational database, and;
  3. Automatically construct a DSML file applying relevant labels as necessary, and;
  4. Automatically tag characteristics and variables with keywords extracted from the ChartSearch Lexicon.

The SPSS Importer makes it possible for market insights professionals to simply upload an SPSS file to the ChartSearch platform and have its data searchable in seconds.

More Information

ChartSearch provides extensive information about this new toolkit on the ChartSearch web site and YouTube channel. For more information, please visit the ChartSearch: University or the ChartSearch: YouTube Channel.

About ChartSearch

ChartSearch is an enterprise technology company making data analysis as simple as searching the web. The company is commercializing a suite of enterprise software built around a common architecture for searching and analyzing statistical and numerical data. ChartSearch’s patent-pending suite of data search technology enables clients to use natural language queries to instantly search statistical/numerical data, extract and analyze it on-demand and automatically visualize it in a readily accessible form.

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