The ChartSearch Platform can be easily integrated with your web-based or standalone software to provide it with data search functionality.  This can provide your software with:

  • ability to analyze any data that your applications produce or manage
  • powerful ad hoc analytical capabilities
  • search-simple charting software
  • capability to seamlessly integrate analytics with other client data systems
  • an attractive and robust new feature set
  • APIs that support embedding ChartSearch components into existing applications or swapping ChartSearch components for your own as appropriate
  • full meta-data support of the ChartSearch Platform, including the DSML Builder and ChartSearch Lexicon tools and API’s
  • Increase your software’s stickiness between your clients.
  • Generate new revenue by up-selling clients a new analytical module.
  • Extend your user base to a broader audience using search-simple analytics as your “door opener”.

ChartSearch offers easy-to-use and well-documented addressable APIs that make it fast and simple to integrate the platform’s functionality into your existing applications.  Whether it is a question of matching the look and feel of the ChartSearch UI to your web-based application or of embedding a ChartSearch search box into your standalone application, integration is fast and straightforward.

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