As a data supplier (market researcher, data vendor, analytical consultant, etc.) you provide your customers with mission-critical insights.  But how your data is delivered directly impacts:
  • how much insight your clients can truly extract, and;
  • how profitable your relationship with that client is.

By integrating the ChartSearch platform into your web site, you can provide your clients with a web-based tool to instantly access all of the data you make available to them.  By giving them search-driven charting software, you make it easy for clients to dig deep into the data you provide to them.

This can help your clients in the following ways:

  • ability to perform on-demand analysis
  • reduction of reliance on reports & presentations
  • easy-to-use presentation-ready charting software
  • an attractive and robust new feature set for your client
  • automated integration with your data production and delivery tools
  • Increase your data’s stickiness between your clients
  • Focus your analytical resources on high-margin insights analysis, rather than “routine” report production
  • Extend your audience using search-simple analytics as your “door opener”

The ChartSearch Platform can help you streamline your data delivery process as well, by seamlessly integrating with your data collection and data processing tools to provide your data to your clients faster and in an easier-to-use form

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