ChartSearch Deployment Process
  1. Understanding the Business Case. To maximize your insight productivity, we must understand where within your organization ChartSearch can provide the most value.  We seek to understand how information flows throughout your organization today.
  2. Recommendation on Data Empowerment.  Once we understand the business case, ChartSearch recommends an approach that will deliver the greatest return.  This recommendation focuses on:
    • Identiying the end-user within your organization,
    • Determining data they should have available through the ChartSearch platform,
    • How that data should be presented to them (display, clean-up, normalization),
    • What technical integration requirements exist (user-interface, security),
    • How data description should proceed,
    • What the deployment roadmap should be.
  3. Installation, Data Description and Integration.  The deployment process is designed to be as painless as possible, and during the initial dialog we will work with you to determine the time and effort required.  Installation is performed in cooperation with your IT organization and typically takes less than two hours. Data Description is staged, making it possible to start increasing your insight productivity very quickly.  The process of data description may take several hours to several days, while front-end integration typically takes 1 - 4 weeks.
  4. Testing & Training. Data testing can take from 1 – 5 days and is typically performed by ChartSearch analysts working with your own in-house analytical teams.  During this process, additional tweaks to the Data Description are prepared. During the testing process, ChartSearch trains your analysts and administrators on how to use the system and manage the expectations of the target end-users.  Training is performed either via interactive online sessions or through on-site workshops.
  5. Roll-out/Training.  When the testing is complete and your team is comfortable with the system, the final phase is to roll the platform out to end-users.  ChartSearch provides your team with a variety of tools to assist in the training process, including online training tools or on-site workshops as needed.
  6. Insight Analysis.  As deployment progresses, ChartSearch and your team will work to analyze the return and value of the ChartSearch system for your organization.  This helps to identify areas of improvement in your data accessibility as well as to systematically identify opportunities to further improve insight productivity.


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