ChartSearch: University has been designed to provide you with short and helpful training videos designed to teach you about the ChartSearch Platform and show you how to work with the ChartSearch Platform.  When you sign up for the CS: University you are given access to all of the training videos and documentation.

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CS:University offers the following courses of study:

ChartSearch Platform OverviewPLATFORM OVERVIEW

Provides a 10-minute animated explanation of how the ChartSearch platform operates, explaining the principle terms and components of the system.  Ideally suited for:

  • Technical people interested in the platform’s architecture.
  • Business people interested to understand how the technology delivers on its features.
ChartSearch System Architecture CHARTSEARCH ARCHITECTURE

Provides a written outline of the ChartSearch platform’s architecture and explains the roles played by different system components.  Ideally suited for:

  • Technical people interested in a detailed look at the platform’s architecture and integration capabilities.
Meta Data Description DATA

For registered users.

Explains the principles and the process behind preparing DataSearch Markup Language files to describe data.  Ideally suited for:

  • Data administrators who would be responsible for DSML administration.
  • BI professionals who may have to work with DSML files.
  • Service providers who may have to develop DSML practices.

For registered users.

Explains at a conceptual level the logic followed by different components of the system, providing detailed information about how the system answers user’s questions with complex data.  Ideally suited for:

  • Technical architects looking to gain a better understanding of how ChartSearch components operate.
Searching for DataSEARCHING FOR

For registered users.

Explains – from the user’s perspective – how the ChartSearch platform operates, including different features and capabilities the system offers.  Ideally suited for:

  • Business users looking to understand how they can work with the system.
  • Information architects trying to understand how to incorporate ChartSearch into their information architecture.
  • BI professionals trying to identify how to align ChartSearch functionality with their existing dashboard functionality.
ChartSearch Downloads DOWNLOADS

For registered users.

Variety of resources including white papers and user guides regarding the ChartSearch platform.



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